Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spare Minute Productions Design Service was born!

I've been thinking about launching a design service for other online businesses for a little while and, after spending some time on my own bits, I have decided to go ahead and do it! *little nervous wobble*

Im sure lots of you out there are very creative and are able to do your own bits but for those who aren't quite as  handy with a computer I am now offering a design service that can be tailored to your needs and, I think, is fairly well priced. I know alot of people are put off by the thought of spending hundreds of pounds to pay someone else to do their design for them and end up with something that they arent quite happy with.

My service is completely personalised to you. If you have loads of ideas but just arent quite sure how to bring them into reality, or you completely draw a blank when you try to think of how you want your business to look I can help. I can include pictures of your work, or just take a look at what you do and create an idea from the feel of your shop... the sky is the limit!

I can offer:

Shop Avatars
Shop Banners
Business Cards
Compliments Slip
Invoice Slip
Shipping Label

There will be a £10 design charge plus and additonal £5 per item from the list above.
The £10 design charge includes conversations about ideas via email so that I can get a clear picture of what you might think you want (or dont want) I will then do an intial design which I will send to you for approval or changes. Up to 4 changes per customer (unless these are very small changes like wording etc.) Once design have been approved you will receive a high res version of your items for printing, use on your website etc.

Please contact me on my Facebook page or email Spareminuteproductions@hotmail.co.uk if you are in need of some lovely designs!

My shop's Spare Minute Productions designs might inspire you a little bit. Alot of  my images are quite bright and colourful so I wanted to keep my backgrounds quite simple, but I can go as spotty, dotty bright as you would like!

Postcard - ideal for popping in with your orders to say thanks to your customers

Folksy Shop banner

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