Sunday, 30 January 2011

have gona a bit dotty!

I picked up these lovely polka dotty new plates and bowls yesterday from Next and have gone a little but spot mad in the last few weeks so i thouught I would have a look round folksy and etsy and find the best of the spotty stuff to share with everybody!

First up, this gorgeous valentines banner from Sugar Owl Design which is absolutely gorgeous and I would probably keep it up all year round.
Premium Fabric Banner - Owl Always Love You

then this cute little treasure pot from  joyelizabethceramics, she has got some absoltely lovely little ceramic bits in her shop!
Little Bird Treasury

This little cutie from Manic Muffin Totes is much better then my littlwe owls, I will have to have a practice!
Claireece lil Hoot
This sweet little purse from Grace and Firefly is perfect for keeping loose change, cards and keys in on a night out, and I love the pink and brown combo.
Large image

and i couldnt blog about dots without featuring the work of Andrea from Polka who makes the cutest brooches, keyrings, bags and bag charms. You wont find anything like these anywhere else!

Large image

Right, I'm off to get on with some work, I need to make a sock bag for the boy. He's got an awful habit of taking his socks off while he is watching TV in the evening and then leaving them lying around so they get lost, I am forever searching for two socks to make a pair in the mornings!  So I'm hoping this will solve the problem..... we will see! And then some spring stock to make myself feel a little bit warmer, at least the sun is shining today!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I built an empire!

Well maybe not, but I'm loving starting to see my little business grow! In the last week I have gained about 100 new likers which is absolutely brilliant and a big part of which is down to the lovely crafting community that I have found myself part of on facebook! Thank you everyone.

Our second little baby is due in July so my plan is to use the next few months, and the time I am on maternity leave to build up the business so that hopefully when it is time to go back to work I can go back part time and be home in time for Jack to come home from school (how is my baby starting big boy's school in September!?) If I am going to do that I really must get organised!

I received my first custom order last night which was very exciting, so off we went to Hobbycraft to buy some supplies (for once I got everything I wanted, for less then I expected and didnt have to put anything back or control myself!)  and bought some gorgeous new fabrics...

Which I love and are sooooooooo gorgeous! All I need to do now is find a project that is worthy of them.... I'm sure I will manage! Also on the to do list, more spring wreaths, and some cutie little valentines pressies too, stay tuned, they will be arriving this weekend!

In the mean time I can tick off blogging from today's to do list! yey! Any comments or ideas for the lovely fabrics very welcome!

Friday, 14 January 2011


So I haven’t been blogging, oops!

I thought I'd better have a bit of a catch up and start the 2011off properly!  Its not been too bad so far, New Years Eve was a lovely one. Midnight consisted of champagne in the street, fireworks and a sky full of Chinese lanterns which was very exciting and just a little bit magical! Im not making any resolutions, I can never be bothered to make them, let alone actually keep them so this year I have decided to make a to do list for 2011 instead, much more positive and proactive me thinks! Sooooo, here it is.....

In no particular order......

- make a pirate quilt for jack's room
- make a snuggly quilt for the living room
- make a baby quilt for our new little one due in July
-get the hall plastered (after we have also added a downstairs toilet!)
- repaint the playroom/workroom and add a bit of personality to it
- become a freelance children's book illustrator
- get my Folksy and Etsy shops off the ground properly and get some regular sales.
- be a better mummy
- be a better wife (im not tooooo bad at the last two but  there is always room for improvement!)

So its going to be a busy busy year but it is definitely going to be a good one!