Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I built an empire!

Well maybe not, but I'm loving starting to see my little business grow! In the last week I have gained about 100 new likers which is absolutely brilliant and a big part of which is down to the lovely crafting community that I have found myself part of on facebook! Thank you everyone.

Our second little baby is due in July so my plan is to use the next few months, and the time I am on maternity leave to build up the business so that hopefully when it is time to go back to work I can go back part time and be home in time for Jack to come home from school (how is my baby starting big boy's school in September!?) If I am going to do that I really must get organised!

I received my first custom order last night which was very exciting, so off we went to Hobbycraft to buy some supplies (for once I got everything I wanted, for less then I expected and didnt have to put anything back or control myself!)  and bought some gorgeous new fabrics...

Which I love and are sooooooooo gorgeous! All I need to do now is find a project that is worthy of them.... I'm sure I will manage! Also on the to do list, more spring wreaths, and some cutie little valentines pressies too, stay tuned, they will be arriving this weekend!

In the mean time I can tick off blogging from today's to do list! yey! Any comments or ideas for the lovely fabrics very welcome!

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  1. Hi Claire, well done on getting a post done, done mine too, phew. Have fun building your business & good luck with the planning x