Friday, 14 January 2011


So I haven’t been blogging, oops!

I thought I'd better have a bit of a catch up and start the 2011off properly!  Its not been too bad so far, New Years Eve was a lovely one. Midnight consisted of champagne in the street, fireworks and a sky full of Chinese lanterns which was very exciting and just a little bit magical! Im not making any resolutions, I can never be bothered to make them, let alone actually keep them so this year I have decided to make a to do list for 2011 instead, much more positive and proactive me thinks! Sooooo, here it is.....

In no particular order......

- make a pirate quilt for jack's room
- make a snuggly quilt for the living room
- make a baby quilt for our new little one due in July
-get the hall plastered (after we have also added a downstairs toilet!)
- repaint the playroom/workroom and add a bit of personality to it
- become a freelance children's book illustrator
- get my Folksy and Etsy shops off the ground properly and get some regular sales.
- be a better mummy
- be a better wife (im not tooooo bad at the last two but  there is always room for improvement!)

So its going to be a busy busy year but it is definitely going to be a good one!

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