Thursday, 31 May 2012

It's June....

So I AM doing a photo a day for June, its going to be a pretty big month for me so I think I'd like to record it.

Day one: Morning!

I had big plans for my first day, I was going to take him down the beach once we had dropped the bigger one off for school and get a gorgeous photo of the Solent while the morning mist was still around... but this little monkey had other ideas! Falling asleep at 6 pm as soon as you come in from nursery = getting up at 6 am with a whole lot of bounch in your step. Poor old Rex the Rabbit!

Claire xx

I've got the skills to pay the bills... I hope!


So after years of dreaming about it I have finally done it! As of the 15th of June I will officially be a freelance designer and Illustrator.
I can't wait! I am also a little (read alot of a little) nervous! EEEK! I keep swinging from excitement to sheer terror! What if, after a year of pretty steady growth my little baby business suddenly bombs and I have to go back to working for someone else with my tail between my legs?! I just have to keep telling myself that I can do it, in the words of the Beastie Boys ' I've got the skills to pay the bills!'.
So may exciting things are whizzing round in my head, big plans to take my business from little part time venture to something that can actually support me and my family. I'm so proud that I have managed to get this far with it, if I can manage with with two kids and a part time job having every day to create means that the sky is the limit!
I've just opened for new orders after a little bit of time off to recharge my battery and live life a bit, find me inspiration again and feel really creative for the first time in a while. I think the time off is exactly what I needed to make me realise that going full time is the best thing for our little family. It means I can plan my days around my boys and the husband so that family time can really be family time. Oscar is going to nursery two days a week and Jack has his clubs on those days after school so that is 16 whole hours of child free time a week to really crack on with the important work stuff so that when they come home we can do the important family fun stuff. Jack is such a creative little monkey and I want to be able to encourage that as much as I can and give Oscar the opportunity to find out what he loves as he grows. Being the second one he is coming on so quickly already to keep up with his big brother, he loves reading ( obviously use that term loosely lol) books, harrssing the rabbit and sticking his fingers in the dogs bowl. Sounds like a perfect little gentleman already!
I am going to have to plan my week down to the last second I think, because I do have a tendancy to get a little distracted... a few hours a week for admin, a set time of day for responding to email and a day a week where I write a blog post...I've got big plans for my little blog. I'm not a brilliant writer (i tend to waffle... you have probably guessed that!) but hopefully I will get a bit better with practice. I want to use it as a place to share our little adventures, share recipies, creative ideas (usually all found on Pinterest) and just be a little record of how much better life is now that I have taken this huge leap that is promising so much... I hope it delivers and hopefully you will all enjoy reading.
I'm going to start with the June Photo a Day challenge from the brilliant Fat Mum Slim, I'll post it here, on Facebook and on Instagram and maybe it help me to get in the habit of blogging. You can follow me on Instagram at @mrslever and on facebook here.

So tomorrow's the first day, I'd better get off to bed so I can be up bright and early to take the first one!

Claire xx

p.s HOW is it June already?