Friday, 18 February 2011

We have got a picture frame at home that we have had since we moved into our first flat five years ago and found out we were going to have Jack. We were out one day and Tom picked up a black box frame in Cargo, we had all kinds of plans for it, we were going to put Jack's scan piccture in it, his hospital bracelet etc and make a little memory frame of his first few weeks.... turns out being a first time Mum and finishing your degree at the same time is quite alot of work and I never got round to it, so it has sat empty in our spare room all that time, waiting for the perfect project which I have FINALLY found!

I was having a friday afternoon blog reading session when I came across this brilliant idea from Little Birdie Secrets. I'm no way near organised enough to use the menu planner BUT I do love a good To Do List! It makes me calm, I know its sad, but it does!

So this weekend, along with cleaning the house which is all of a sudden filthy, and doing my Spare Minute Productions  orders, I am going to have a go at making this bad boy, will post pictures once it is finished!

Will leave you with some pictures from our night time trip to the beach on Wednesday night. It wasn't exactly what I had been dreaming of all day long (no sun at all, just the moon) but any trip to our special part of the beach is lovely with my boys! The lack of sun didnt seem to bother Jack because he still pulled off his shoes and socks and went for a paddle (and had to be carried back to the car and stripped off from the waist down because the waves got the better of him!)

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