Friday, 3 February 2012

well actually I didn't have a spare minute yesterday.

So Day 2 of the photo a day challenge and I have already failed... ooops! I was a bit behind on everything yesterday, you know one of those days that seems to whizz by in a blur of rushing around not getting very much done at all.

Yesterday's photo was entitled 'Words' and these are three very exciting words in my life at the moment, they hopefully mean the start of a whole new exciting chapter for my little business in 2012, and I am pretty chuffed with my little logo as well :)

coming soooooon.....

Day 3 in the photo challenge was 'Hands' which had to be all about these chubby little monkey fingers.
Oscar discovered his hands at about 16 weeks old and is facinated by them, he can sit for hours and stare, giggle, gurgle and coo at the shapes he can make with his own fingers and I could sit for hours watching him. This week he has also learned to wave which he generally reserves for whenever Jack walks in to a room as his big brother is by far his fave person in the whole world.

Night night,

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  1. Ooh I look forward to hearing more about the PRINT ROOM!! :-)
    and awww such cute little hands! xx