Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I am taking a photo a day in Feb!

I have been looking for a nice way to start my blogging again but life has been so busy at the moment that I haven't had a second to breathe and stop to think about what people might even be interested in reading. This morning I saw that thevery talented Jen from Pikelet Workshop had set herself a challenge to take a photo a day in February. Well, I thought, that sounds like a really rather lovely and fairly simple idea. That is what I will do soooooo..... Here is the 1st of Feb's photo - My View Today

I'm at real work today and the view here is pretty depressing some times so I have taken my view first thing and the view I wish I had all day :)

Why not have a little go yourself? I would love to see everyone's photos every day.

Happy February!

P.S the original idea came from FatMumSlim, pop over and check out her lovely blog.

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  1. ooooh oooh I'm gonna do this poor poor blog has been so neglected...thank you so much for sharing Claire!
    and your view is adorable!!! ;-) xxx